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On this Fourth of July, Stephens Press was honored to have Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Jane Ann Morrison review Looking Up!

Book reveals enduring stories from entertainer’s life weren’t made onstage

You think you know someone. Then you read his autobiography and realize how much you didn’t know. That’s how it is with William “Bob” Bailey.

I knew he and wife Anna had been entertainers, that he had been the first black radio and television personality in Las Vegas starting in the ’50s. He became chairman of the first Nevada Equal Rights Commission in 1961 and a deputy director of the Minority Business Development Agency in the first Bush administration.

But there was so much more to discover in Looking Up! Finding My Voice in Las Vegas. Yes, it’s a story of the Baileys, who moved here in 1955 when they were 26. But he also tells personal memories of superstars such as Billie Holiday, Pearl Bailey, Count Basie, Josephine Baker, Sammy Davis Jr. and Louis Armstrong. He portrays a Las Vegas that no longer exists, painting pictures of Jackson Avenue on the Westside. Dirt streets and tumbleweeds, yet was oh so happening

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