Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier with Bob Bailey and George Foreman in Let's Do It Again. Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier with Bob Bailey and George Foreman in Let's Do It Again. Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“He is an individual that young people should want to know.”

– Bill Cosby, entertainer

 “William H. “Bob” Bailey was on the front lines of the civil rights movement in southern Nevada and instrumental in opening the hotel and gaming industry to minorities by providing training in jobs traditionally reserved for the white citizens. Bob’s success is grounded in his belief that education and training are the keys to success for every American.”

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader United States Senate

 “His accomplishments in bringing needed social change to Nevada are noteworthy. Mr. Bailey is an advocate of education as a means to societal responsibility.”

– John Ensign, United States Senator

“Dr. William “Bob” Bailey’s leadership and great ability to achieve in difficult circumstances has set him apart from others and is truly an indication of the positive role model he is to any youth.”

Kenny C. Guinn, Former Nevada governor

“Dr. Bailey has been a true champion of educational excellence for all children. His diverse, tireless involvement in and support of civic, community, and educational services has been absolutely exemplary.”

– Yolanda McKinney-Arrington, Director Academic Support, Educational Accountability, and Government Relations, Clark County School District, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Mr. Bailey possesses a keen analytical mind that is able to go directly to the heart of a problem and find a solution.”

– Willard and Dianna Booth

“His non-confrontational approach to a problem has served this community well and has brought us closer together.”

– Burton M. Cohen

“With the social grace, a calm intellectual approach, and a constant tenacious commitment, Bob Bailey accomplished in 25 short years, what looked impossible to accomplish in a hundred years.”

– Ken Dab-Row, Dab-Row Broadcast Advertising

With his experience and accomplishments, he has made a tremendous impact on the State of Nevada as it relates to education, jobs, equal rights, social change, and economic development.”

– Pastor Willie Davis, Second Baptist Church

“I know Dr. Bailey to be honest, caring, and diligent in serving to make a difference. He is a devoted family man and in all ways a fine role model for our children and our community.”

– Norma de la Cerna

“Mr. Bailey instilled in me and many other wayward students that getting an education was attainable for anyone who worked hard. He also encouraged us not to be detained by trials and tribulations. He is a man of rectitude, probity, integrity, character, and commitment.”

 Ernest M. Fountain, New Venture Capitol Development Company

“I have the highest respect and regard for Dr. Bailey, his family, his work ethic, and the good he has done and continues to do in this community.”

– Joseph P. Delaney, columnist, Las Vegas Sun

“William Bob Bailey has given so much to others as a leader and role model.”

– Michael L. Douglas, District Judge Nevada Supreme Court

“William H. “Bob” Bailey worked unselfishly and tirelessly to integrate blacks into mainstream society. He worked strenuously to improve their living conditions. He fought to integrate Las Vegas hotels, casinos, restaurants, and businesses and fought for school integration.”

Lee A. Gates, District Judge, Eighth Judicial District Court, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Dr. William “Bob” Bailey is a pillar of the community and respected by all in the community.”

– Former U.S. Ambassador Chic Hecht

“From his early days at the Moulin Rouge to his leadership in the African-American community, Bob is certainly the kind of role model our children need.”

– Kara J. Kelley, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO

“As one in the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and its quest for social change in America, Dr. Bailey was adamant and outspoken about the need for education and training to take advantage of equal opportunity when the barriers of discrimination and segregation of African-Americans were torn down.”

– Alice Key

“The name Bob Bailey is synonymous with terms such as, diversification, parity, equality, inclusion, knowledge, hard work, and fairness. We have the highest respect and admiration for his dedication, commitment, and inclusion of all people in his mission to make our city and country a better place to live.”

Horacio Lopez, President Southern Nevada Courier Service, Inc. – George Lopez, President Amalgamated Safety Company

“Bob brought great honor to Las Vegas and Nevada and he shines as a bright star to all young black children. Every child sees in Bob that success is only limited by dedication. If you work hard, serve your community and mankind, you will succeed.”

– Ann T. Lynch, VP Community Services Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

“His knowledge of the educational needs of the students in Las Vegas is recognized by his endeavors promoting scholarships for deserving prospects. To remedy some of the social and educational needs of many of the children in Las Vegas it is recommended that the personality of Dr. Bailey could be a catalyst for educational growth and an inspiration to them.”

– Walter Mason

“He has successfully nurtured several business enterprises and groomed numerous individuals including myself for solid career advancement. He has led an exemplary life dedicated to excellence, leadership, and high achievement.”

– Rose McKinney-James, President, Brown & Partners

“I witness his work as an individual who not only has championed change, but has been effective in helping to bring about those changes that have been beneficial to this state. Mr. Bailey’s life in Nevada has been characterized by the kind of constructive activism and practical accomplishments that would be inspirational to the youth of this community.”

– Dr. Paul E. Meacham, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“I, for one, appreciate the trail that Bob has blazed for those in the African-American community, and believe that all of Las Vegas and Nevada owes a debt to Bob.”

– Dr. Anthony Pollard, President Rainbow Medical Center

“I always have been impressed by Dr. Bailey’s contributions, most importantly, to his constant philosophical adherence to the admonition that “Education is the Key.” Dr. Bailey never failed to keep reminding those of us who have worked with him that without proper training and education equal opportunity is meaningless.”

– Sarann Knight Preddy

“This was one specific project Dr. Bailey put his heart and soul into; one which made a significant difference in opening doors for minorities in the radio and tv broadcast industry.”

– Sylvia Staples

“Dr. Bailey’s many years of contribution not only represent a career of the highest ethical standards, but also one of excellent leadership. We should honor him for his dedicated effort and for working so diligently to improve the quality of life for every citizen.”

– Gary Reese, City of Las Vegas

“A wonderful leader in the African-American Community, Dr. Bailey is an asset to Clark County of immeasurable proportion. A self-made lifelong Nevadan, who is known for lending a helping hand to anyone that asks and who has brilliantly represented our community, our state and our nation in all of his endeavors.”

– Sig Rogich, President The Rogich Communications Group

“Bob is dedicated to the American dream and our young people through training and education.”

– Allan D. Sachs, former President of the Stardust Hotel

“William H. “Bob” Bailey made it a mission to foster advancement through education. Bob has also made a considerable impact in the political arena in Clark County through the formation and leadership of the National Black Republican Round Table.”

– Milton I. Schwartz

He has touched many lives and contributed greatly to human rights, education, arts and economic development. I know Dr. Bailey to be honest, caring and diligent in serving to make a difference in the lives of others. He is a devoted family man and in all ways a fine role model for our children and our community.”

– Steve Sisolak, University and Community College System of Nevada Board of Regents

“Bob Bailey is an outstanding citizen and has served his community with dignity and honesty. He is the model for citizenship and self-motivation. The children in this community have benefitted far beyond their knowledge from the contributions of Bob Bailey. Life in southern Nevada is far better today and will be tomorrow because of Bob Bailey.”

– A. Allan Stipe, President and Chief Executive Officer Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center

“Nevada should be proud to have a gentleman of his stature.”

 – Herb Tobman, Western Cab Company

“Bob was a great leader and advocate opposed to bigotry and discrimination. He was also very courageous at a time in the early 1960s before the adoption of the 1964 federal civil rights law when he accepted hostility as a part of the job.”

– Daniel R. Walsh, Law Offices of Walsh & Walsh

“A positive role model for our young people, an excellent example proving that hard work and determination are the pathways to success.”

– Shelley Berkley, United States Congresswoman

“With passion, Mr. Bailey encouraged students with surmountable odds that an education was attainable for anyone who worked hard. He was instrumental in many students, including myself, continuing and pursuing their education. Our students need positive role models that have integrity, morals, and last but not least, character. Mr. Bailey is a man with all those facets. Mr. Bailey’s philosophy “Reach One – Teach One” is so appropriate for his promise to the students in Nevada.”

– Marcia L. Washington, Nevada State Board of Education, Nevada State Board for Occupational Education

“Dr. Bailey has continuously worked to promote economic empowerment in the community. He was instrumental in the formation of the Latin and Black Chambers of Commerce as well as the Nevada Minority Business Council, and has remained an outspoken advocate for minority and small businesses for over forty years.”

 – Lawrence Weekly, Commissioner, City of Las Vegas

“He is a strong and positive community figure that truly cares about education and self-advancement in today’s youth. He cares enough to make a difference in the community by economic means and values education.”

 – John H. Wesley, CEO, Wesley Corporation

“Most inspiring is Bob’s devotion to his family. Bob’s children are a reflection of the loving, supporting environment they grew up in and are following in his footsteps and fulfilling their dreams.”

– Mary Louise Williams

“Dr. William “Bob” Bailey helped shape the Nevada we know today. He is a pioneer in the truest sense of the word, having championed civil rights and human rights for all Nevadans. He is a role model, whose life is a blueprint for others to emulate.”

– Monroe and Brenda J. Williams

“Bob’s success in breaking racial barriers in education, business and government, establishing educational and job training programs, and providing leadership of the Frederick Douglas Scholarship Fund is testimony to his commitment to serving his community.”

– Claudine Williams

“He has been admired and applauded for being a well-informed civic leader, active on the local, state, and national level. Many looked to Bob when leadership qualities were required. His wide range of abilities throughout the years is a source of pride for the African-American community, as well as the Las Vegas community as a whole.”

– Bruce L. Woodbury

 “Proud as he is of civil rights laws he helped pass, Bailey believes that today, learning the ropes of business, the professions, and technology will do the most to improve the lives of minorities.”

– A.D. Hopkins, The First 100


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